In rare cases, the ControlSpace CC-64 firmware update from the ControlSpace Designer Hardware Manager may not complete successfully.



ControlSpace Designer is unable to update a ControlSpace CC-64's firmware through the Hardware Manager. ControlSpace Designer displays "Update Failed."


Relevant Product(s)

  • ControlSpace CC-64
  • ControlSpace Designer



If a CC-64 firmware update fails, try these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ControlSpace bin folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace [version]\bin
    • Each version of CSD contains the firmware for that version. Be sure to open the correct bin folder.
  2. Run the CC64UpdateUtility.exe program 
    • Prior to ControlSpace Designer v4.3, this utility was named CC64Programmer.exe.
    • Note: you may need to run the program as administrator even if you do not receive any error messages. Right-click on the executable and select Run as administrator.
  3. Select the appropriate CC-64 from the dropdown list and click Program
  4. The Update Utility will automatically load the firmware contained in the \bin folder.

If the update fails again using this utility, try bypassing the network switch and connecting the CC-64 directly to your PC's LAN port.

If the update still fails, try temporarily setting your PC's network interface to 10 Mbps half duplex and use the CC64UpdateUtility again.  Follow the steps in this article to change your network interface's settings - Unable to Change the IP Address of a ControlSpace CC-64.

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