This article describes the steps to import Bose Dante firmware files into Audinate's Dante Updater for use in firmware updates.


Relevant Product(s)

  • ControlSpace ESP-00
  • ControlSpace ESP-00 II
  • ControlSpace ESP-1240
  • ControlSpace ESP-1240AD
  • ControlSpace ESP-1600
  • ControlSpace ESP-4120
  • ControlSpace ESP-88
  • ControlSpace ESP-880
  • ControlSpace ESP-880AD
  • ControlSpace EX-1280
  • ControlSpace EX-1280C
  • ControlSpace EX-12AEC
  • ControlSpace EX-440C
  • ControlSpace EX-4ML
  • ControlSpace EX-8ML
  • ControlSpace EX-UH
  • ControlSpace EP22-D
  • ControlSpace EP40-D
  • ControlSpace WP22BU-D
  • ControlSpace WP22B-D
  • PowerMatch PM4250
  • PowerMatch PM4250N
  • PowerMatch PM4500
  • PowerMatch PM4500N
  • PowerMatch PM8250
  • PowerMatch PM8250N
  • PowerMatch PM8500
  • PowerMatch PM8500N
  • PowerShare PS404D
  • PowerShare PS604D
  • Panaray MSA12X


Before starting this procedure:

  • Ensure that Audinate Dante Controller Software is installed on your computer. For more information, visit
  • Confirm that the computer being used has an active internet connection.

Once complete with the two steps above:

  1. Launch Dante Controller Software.
  2. In the View menu, select Dante Updater, or click Ctrl+U in Windows or Command+U in Mac OS.
  3. Click the  button in the top-right corner of the window, and choose Advanced Settings.
  4. Ensure that the checkbox next to ALLOW IMPORTED FIRMWARE is checked, and check the box beside Allow rollback to previous versions. Click APPLY.
  5. Select the  tab in the top bar to open the Dante firmware library. Click on the caret beside IMPORTED FILES, and then the button IMPORT FIRMWARE.
  6. On the pop-up window that follows, click SELECT FILE, then select the .dnt file from the list of firmware files that corresponds to the equipment needed an update.
    1. Dante firmware can be located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace [version number]\bin\Dante Firmware 
    2. NOTE: At the time of this writing, only one file can be imported at a time. Repeat this step if there is more than one device type being updated.
  7. Select the tab. Devices found on the network that match imported Dante firmware files will appear in the IMPORTED FIRMWARE FILES section.
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