To use the Videobar VB1's single-cable connection feature (one USB cable can simultaneously stream computer audio, camera content, and cast the computer screen to a conference room display), the computer must have the latest DisplayLink driver installed. At the same time, the Videobar VB1 needs to turn on DisplayLink before the HDMI output can work properly.


Relevant Product(s)

  • Videobar VB1


Table of Contents

1. Download and latest DisplayLink driver

2. Turn on the HDMI output of VB1



Download and install the latest DisplayLink driver

1. Go to to find the driver.

2. Find the corresponding operating system and click it.


3. Find the latest driver and click Download.


4. Find the location of the downloaded DisplayLink driver installation package.

5. Click the installation package and install it step-by-step according to the installation prompts.


Turn on the HDMI output of VB1

The Videobar VB1 defaults to DisplayLink disabled, which means the HDMI output not available. The HDMI output of the Videobar VB1 needs to be enabled for the DisplayLink setting to work properly.

For information on how to enable HDMI output of VB1, please refer to related articles.

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