This article describes how to enable the HDMI video out of the Videobar VB1 to connect to the display. 

The HDMI port connects the computer's second display via DisplayLink to allow "one-cable-meetings" where the camera, microphones, speaker audio, and display all are available over just one USB cable.

For room systems, e.g. a Microsoft Teams Room, Zoom Room, or other room systems with an in-room PC, the HDMI output of the VB1 would not be used.

By default, the DisplayLink connection is disabled out-of-the box and after a factory default reset. This is done to ensure users who do not use DisplayLink and the HDMI output do not hear the USB connect/disconnect tones, "doot doot doot," indefinitely or have a phantom 2nd screen.

To enable the HDMI output, the DisplayLink option must be enabled in the Videobar Configuration or Videobar Administration software. (The included HDMI cable includes a label with information about how to enable the HDMI output: install the DisplayLink driver and enable DisplayLink for the Videobar Configuration application).

Relevant Product(s)

  • Videobar VB1



Method 1 (local USB connection between laptop and VB1)

To enable the DisplayLink option, open the Videobar Configuration application (downloadable from

  1. Ensure that the VB1 is connected to your Windows PC or Mac using a USB cable.
  2. Launch the Videobar Configuration Software.
  3. Click the Administration icon located in the lower left corner of the window.

After login, go to the Configuration > User Access tab, and enable DisplayLink:

HDMI will now be enabled on the VB1.

To enable the DisplayLink output on the PC, go to to download the latest version. 


Method 2 (remote)

Alternatively, you can remotely enable DisplayLink/HDMI Out by using the Videobar Administration software. (The software can be downloaded here.)

Note: this requires your VB1 to be connected to the network to be added to your Videobar Administration device list.

Here’s how to enable this function remotely:

1. Open the Videobar Administration app

2. To open the control panel for a VB1, select the checkbox to the left of the Device Name in the Device List, enter the password in the control panel that appears on the right side of the window, and then click Submit.

3. When you are in the Control Panel for your selected VB1, in the Configuration menu, scroll down to the User Access options, and tick the box for DisplayLink.

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