When updating the Dante firmware on multiple devices, subsequent updates may fail to start.


Relevant Product(s)

  • ControlSpace ESP-880AD
  • ControlSpace ESP-1240AD
  • ControlSpace EX-440C
  • ControlSpace EX-1280
  • ControlSpace EX-1280C
  • ControlSpace EX-12AEC
  • ControlSpace EX-8ML
  • ControlSpace EX-4ML
  • ControlSpace EX-UH
  • ControlSpace EP40-D
  • ControlSpace EP22-D
  • ControlSpace WP22B-D
  • ControlSpace WP22BU-D
  • ControlSpace Dante Expansion Card
  • PowerMatch Dante Expansion Card
  • Panaray MSA12X


Resolution / Workaround

Perform the following steps when updating Dante firmware on multiple devices in Dante Updater.

After completing a Dante update, reboot the device as stated in Dante Updater.
Close and restart Dante Updater. Dante Controller may remain running.
The next Dante update should start as expected.

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