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ControlSpace Designer software is a Windows application and there is no version that will run natively on a Mac OS computer. In order to run ControlSpace Designer on a Mac you must use a virtualization platform that enables installation of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Example virtual machine applications include Parallels Desktop, VMware, and Boot Camp. Some of these, like Parallels, will allow you to run Windows and Windows applications inside of the Mac environment. Others, like Boot Camp, require the computer to reboot in Windows mode.

With one of these options and the Windows 10 or later operating system installed, installation and use of ControlSpace design is identical to a Windows PC, with a few potential exceptions. If connecting to ControlSpace hardware devices, it will likely require that you bridge the Ethernet port from the Mac OS to the Windows OS. In Parallels Desktop, this is found in the network settings.

Also, keyboard character translation between Mac layout and PC layout may be required for certain keys like Ctrl and Alt. Consult the user guide for the virtual machine being used.

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