Create a shortcut to launch the IOCardPgm in Advanced Mode for accessing the loaded and latest firmware versions for cards currently populating an ESP-88, ESP-00 and/or ESP-00 II, and being able to upgrade to the latest version or downgrade to a previous version when necessary.    

Relevant Product(s)

  • ControlSpace ESP-88
  • ControlSpace ESP-00
  • ControlSpace ESP-00 II


Step 1: Locate the executable file ControlSpace IOCardPgm found in the ControlSpace Designer Installation folder of interest.  In this case, ControlSpace 4.4.2 is illustrated:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 4.4.2\bin\IOCardPgm

Step 2: Right Click on IOCardPgm.exe and select either Create shortcut or Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) to place it on your desktop for quick future access.

Step 3: Right click on the shortcut created, select Properties and in the Target box, add the following characters after the last quotation mark of ^-adv.  (The carrot symbol ^ represents a single space.)

The final Target address should read as follows: 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 4.4.2\bin\IOCardPgm\IOCardPgm.exe" -adv

Step 4: Launch the application from the shortcut created.  With an ESP-88, ESP-00 or ESP00II connected to the LAN port of your computer (and in the same subnet as your computer) you will now be able to Scan ESPs and select the address of the desired chassis from the drop down menu. You will see the firmware details of the cards populated in the selected chassis and be able to validate their status, upgrade or downgrade using the drop down menus and buttons.

In the example above, the Update button was grayed out because all Loaded and Latest versions matched. However, if a newer version of ControlSpace Designer is chosen that has updated firmware, it will auto-populate with a checkmark next to the card in need of updating and the Update button is ready to activate - shown here now using ControlSpace Designer: v5.9.2.  



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