In ControlSpace Designer, you can manually enable and activate Dante features, including control of Dante devices and control of Dante endpoints.


Relevant Product(s)

  • ControlSpace ESP 880AD   
  • ControlSpace ESP 1240AD   
  • ControlSpace EX-1280 
  • ControlSpace EX-1280C
  • ControlSpace EX-440C
  • ControlSpace EX-12AEC
  • PowerMatch Dante-PM Expansion Card
  • ControlSpace ESP Dante Expansion Card
  • ControlSpace EP22-D
  • ControlSpace EP40-D
  • ControlSpace EX-4ML
  • ControlSpace EX-8ML
  • ControlSpace EX-UH
  • MSA12X Array Loudspeaker (formerly Panaray MSA12X)


Table of Contents

Turn on Dante control

Enable Dante endpoint control


Turn on Dante control (must be offline)

1. Click System to find the option of Enable Dante Control, as shown below:

2. Click the Enable Dante Control option, and it will change to Disable Dante Control, which indicates that the setting is currently enabled.

Note: For versions of ControlSpace Designer v5.8 and above, the default setting is that the Dante Control function is enabled. If you need to turn it off, go to step 2, click Disable Dante Control to turn off the Dante function.


Enable Dante endpoint control (must be offline)

When there are Dante endpoints or MSA12Xs in the system, their Dante control function needs to be turned on.

Click System to find the Enable Endpoint Control option, as shown below:

After the Dante endpoint control is turned on, the following figure will be displayed. If you want to turn it off, you can click the button in the red frame to turn off.

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