Microsoft certifies devices that provide a complete 'approved' experience with Microsoft Teams. Individual devices included in these certifications may not have the official Teams Certification designation, unless they provide the complete conferencing experience (at minimum, microphone/audio, and a user interface). Full 'systems', consisting of multiple products together, can be certified. 

Products such as the Videobar VB1 and Videobar VB-S are Microsoft Teams certified devices, as they provide audio, microphone pickup, video and a user interface.

Product 'bundles' such as our ES1 and DV4 bundle (with Sennheiser TCC2 ceiling mics, Bose Professional EX-440C, Bose Professional PowerSpace amplifier and Bose Professional ceiling speakers) can be sold as a Microsoft Teams Certified 'system', as they provide audio/mic and a user interface. Part of this being certified is to use it with an approved design file, which can be found on 


Relevant Product(s)

  • EX-1280C
  • EX-440C
  • ES1 Bundle
  • DS4 Bundle
  • VB1
  • VB-S
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