This article describes how to discover the IP address of an ESP series processor by using the RS232 port.


Relevant Product(s)

  • ESP-88
  • ESP-00
  • ESP-00-II
  • ESP-880
  • ESP-1240
  • ESP-4120
  • ESP-1600
  • ESP-880A
  • ESP-1240A
  • ESP-880AD
  • ESP-1240AD



The Set and Get IP address commands provide an alternative method for querying and changing the IP address of ControlSpace devices when the Hardware Manager in ControlSpace Designer software is unavailable. This can be particularly useful when the network settings for an ESP (which does not have a front panel display) are unknown, but access is available to the RS232 port on the rear panel.

To query the current IP address for the device:


To set or change the IP address for the device:


IP<CR> Query the current IP address for the device
IP<CR> Response indicating an IP address of is set
IP<CR> Command changing the IP address to (after reboot)

Note: When using the IP command to change IP address, the changes do not take effect until after the device has been re-booted.

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