Bose Work Configuration provides many options to configure Videobar VB1 and Videobar VB-S. The software is available as a standalone application and as a browser-based WebUI. 

The WebUI can be accessed by connecting to the IP address of the Videobar in a web browser.

Relevant Product(s)

  • Bose Work Configuration
  • Videobar VB1
  • Videobar VB-S


  1. Connect your computer and the Videobar to the same network.
  2. Type the IP of the Videobar into the address bar of a web browser, and press Enter.
    (If it is unknown, the IP address of the Videobar can be determined by using the Bose Work Configuration app over USB or using the Bose Work Management app which automatically discovers Videobars on the network.)

    Note: On some browsers, you may see a security warning.  This is normal and not a security risk.  Click Advanced:

    You will receive a follow-up message.  Click Proceed to...

  3. Settings can only be changed after signing in. The default password is Bose123!

  4. We recommend changing the password from the default.

    To change the password, go to Configuration > System > Device Password
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