This article outlines two possible procedures for finding the IP address of ControlSpace devices that don't have a built-in display interface by using Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer application.


Relevant Product(s)

  • ControlSpace ESP-00 II
  • ControlSpace ESP-00
  • ControlSpace ESP-1240
  • ControlSpace ESP-1240A
  • ControlSpace ESP-1240AD
  • ControlSpace ESP-1600
  • ControlSpace ESP-4120
  • ControlSpace ESP-88
  • ControlSpace ESP-880
  • ControlSpace ESP-880A
  • ControlSpace ESP-880AD
  • ControlSpace EX-8ML
  • ControlSpace EX-4ML
  • ControlSpace EX-UH



Procedure Option #1: Quick but a bit messy

1. Connect the network interface of the computer directly to the device. If you need POE to enable the device, then use a switch but remove all the other devices from the switch. 

2. Power up the device and wait until if finishes booting.

3. Launch Wireshark and select the network interface that's connected to the device. In this example, it's Ethernet 4. Your computer may have a different name for the interface.

3. After double-clicking on the interface name, Wireshark will begin capturing. Capture several seconds of packets, then click the red square in the toolbar to stop capturing. It should look something like this.

4. Click on the Source column to sort by IP address and scroll around to view the list.

5. We will see a list of IP addresses. One will be the computer's IP address; the others will be our candidate IP addresses. In this case we have two candidates: and This particular device, an ESP 880AD, has Dante, so it's likely that the is the Dante address and is the ControlSpace device's address. So we've reduced the possible IP's to two and can make an educated guess on which is the one we'll need. 

Procedure Option #2: A more precise method

1. Make sure both the device being tested and the computer are connected to the same network. 

2. Start with the device off.

3. When you launch Wireshark, select the network interface that's connected to the device. In this example, it's Ethernet 4. Your computer may have a different name. 


4. In the Display Filter, enter (without quotes) "eth.src[0:3] == 00:0C:8A" 

5. Start capturing by clicking on the shark fin icon in the top toolbar or by double-clicking the interface name.

6. Plug in the device.  Wait for the hardware to boot, and you'll eventually begin to see results. You may have to press the Apply Filter button 

In our example here, we see that the device's IP address is

eth.src is a Wireshark filter to filter on MAC addresses. [0:3] indicates a slice of the full address. 00:0C:8A is the beginning of a Bose MAC address.

Note: For Audinate/Dante, try 00:1D:C1 for the slice of the MAC address. Also, Dante Controller software can discover the IP addresses of any Audinate/Dante devices.

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